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About CamSecure

Organisations wish to provide their employees with the convenience of bringing their mobile phones to office premises. At the same time, they also want to prevent abuse where rogue employees use the camera function on their mobile phones to leak corporate information.

While there is a plethora of MDM solutions with loads of features, most organisations are concerned mainly with camera control. That’s why we have decided to focus CamSecure on addressing this specific need and doing it well.

What differentiates CamSecure from the rest is our ability to allow an organisation to integrate its business needs and configure CamSecure to restrict camera usage at work based on its corporate policies. This means that CamSecure can enforce camera restriction in a smart manner at minimal inconvenience to the users. For example, it can work with an organisation’s existing physical access control system and/or workflow to restrict camera usage when a user is at pre-defined secured locations only.

Note: CamSecure is a full-service MDM. It is capable of delivering the full suite of MDM services (e.g. enforce VPN profiles, administer mobile apps control, perform remote wipe etc) if such features are desired by the client.

Case Study

Before our client deployed CamSecure, an engineer who wishes to enter their secured hosting facility will have to surrender her mobile phone (by locking it up in a locker). Although the intention is to prevent data leakage via camera usage, this also makes the engineer uncontactable. And without her phone, the engineer is unable to call for assistance if she encounters any unfamiliar issues while inside the secured hosting facility.

After deploying CamSecure, the engineer uses CamSecure to disable the camera function on her mobile phone prior to entering the secured hosting facility. CamSecure will verify that the engineer’s camera is disabled before a physical access pass can be issued to her. And after coming out from the secured hosting facility, she can use CamSecure to regain the use of the camera on her mobile phone. Using CamSecure, the engineer can work more efficiently and the organisation is able to comply with security requirements to defend against data leakage.


  • Convenient and ease-of-us: users self-service to disable / re-enable camera function
  • Flexible deployment configurations to cater to each organisation’s business policy on camera use
  • Centralise management of users and devices for overall visibility on enforcement
  • Multi-sites and multi-floor (i.e. same building different floors) configuration support
  • Violation detection with logging for incident investigation and follow-up
  • Advance configuration and enhancement (incorporate beacon technology, other MDM services etc)

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