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Firefense offers inventive cyber security products and solutions to organisations for defense against cyber threats. Our niche is in the mobile security domain where we identify what is important, focus on the needs and think out-of-the-box to create cyber security solutions that makes it effective and easy for both the organisation and its users to adopt.

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CamSecure Smart MDM

CamSecure is our smart mobile device management (MDM) solution that helps organisations prevent a major source of data leakage – through the use of a mobile phone’s camera. Unlike other solutions, CamSecure provides an organisation a convenient way to restrict camera usage at work based on its corporate policies while still giving their employees the freedom to access to their camera functions outside of work situations.


FireX Secure Phone

For any organisation that demands an ultra-level of security for its users’ mobile phones, our Android-based FireX Secure Phone is the one device they need. Every layer of the phone’s platform – from the bootloaders, kernel, system (OS) to the userspace – is vetted and hardened. We also provide the expertise to design and incorporate added mobile and security controls to meet an organisation’s unique security and privacy needs.


Secure Development

We love a good challenge! Whether it is customising our FireX platform to run on your specialised Android-based device (e.g. IoT equipment, door access reader, body-worn camera, POS etc); or researching and coming up with an inventive way to address a cyber security gap, we are ready to be of service. And we take great pride in our ability to take on and analyse problems to engineer secure, ingenious solutions.

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